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Product in the spotlight: ORYX® Boards

With ORYX® we do everything to make sure our products increasingly meet the stringent standards and requirements set by the government in terms of fire safety.

ORYX® Board is a high quality non-combustible material used for the fire resistant protection of columns and beams and for ceilings and partitions.

Construction and contracting companies like working with ORYX® Board because it can be handled and built in a similar fashion to a standard drywall construction. The boards are easy to finish with paint, tiles or plaster. ORYX® Board is a solid, fire-resistant, soundproof and shockproof material. Ideal where safe living and working is a must. ORYX® Board is widely used in housing construction, renovation, and in general, industrial and agricultural applications.

ORYX® Board has a special formulation with magnesium oxide as the main ingredient. The non-flammable formulation makes ORYX® Board the number one in fire-resistance!

More information about ORYX® Board can be found on this website.

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